• Cocos Nuferial Oil

    Everyone has heard of the skin component Cocos nucifera oil, also known as coconut oil. It has made its way into the beauty business in recent years due to its nourishing and essential fatty acids, which including lauric acid, making it a critical element in keeping the skin moisturized, moisturizing, and healthy.


    TENS'UP is a revolutionary skincare extract that contains a galactomannan 3D-matrix derived from chicory roots. Its unique structure helps to reduce wrinkles and stimulate collagen production for immediate results in just 5 minutes. The added ingredient of fructo oligosaccharides from the chicory tree helps to dry the skin and eliminate wrinkles.


    SKINECTURA is an anti-aging skincare extract made from Organic Kangaroo Paw Flower Extract. The extract is rich in nectar and is derived from Australian certified farms. It helps to reduce wrinkles and reconstruct the structure of the epidermis and dermis layer by increasing the production of Tenascin-X, a glycoprotein that helps eliminate wrinkles and sagging skin rapidly, making it a good secret to aging gracefully.

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Discover the power of nature with Lidegaard skincare. Our 15-year journey has led to the development of luxurious products infused with virgin coconut oil, for youthful, radiant skin. Experience the beauty of Thailand with every drop of our facial cleanser, cream, and serum. Shop now and unlock the Thai Secret to flawless skin.

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